FSUK achieved ISO 9001 certificate

We would just like to take a moment to congratulate our friends over at FSUK, otherwise known as Fastening Solutions UK, based in Gillingham Dorset UK. They offer engineering solutions to local businesses worldwide, offering affordable, yet decent threaded inserts and threaded brass inserts at a good rate. We used their services on a regular basis, on a weekly frequency, for our products. They have never disappointed us and they are one of the leading threaded brass insert suppliers in the UK in our view.

If anyone knows of any other decent suppliers, feel free to leave a message and discuss them.


Installing Threaded Brass Inserts to Plastics

Installing Threaded Brass Inserts may seem like a complicated procedure, especially if you are new to the engineering industry and you haven’t done this before. There are a range of different tools and equipment which you will need before you start installing the brass insert into your plastic, you will also need to make sure that the inserts you are using are the correct size for the hole you are looking to fill. I have attached a video to this post, which shows you how to install Threaded Brass Inserts to plastics.

Importance of Threaded Brass Inserts

Hello and welcome, this is the first post to the site and I will be discussing the important of the inserts which are used in today’s industry, what they are used for and the design process involved of creating a Threaded Brass Inserts. I will also be discussing some of the unique suppliers which are out there on the web which offer a range of different inserts, from Threaded Brass and Captive Fasteners.

Threaded Brass Inserts have been used for centuries, to create equipment and to be used on plastics, it is a fundamental part of any architecture created to this day. Threaded inserts are made with metal and can be used to fill existing holes for screws and other fasteners just like captive fasteners.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier for Threaded Brass Inserts, I would highly suggest checking out Fastening Solutions UK – They supply a wide range of Threaded Inserts, Threaded Brass Inserts and Captive fasteners for a cheap, affordable price along with excellent delivery. Not only are they cheap, they have a wide range of stock available, they are definitely worth checking out. They supply HIS, DUO, EXPP, PU, HIHL, SCR, SCRS and other Thermo Plastics.

Fastening Solutions UK do a range of different Inserts:

ANCHOR Captive Fastener STAND-OFF Captive Fastener  EXP Thermo Setting Plastic  HIHL Thermo Setting Plastic  HIS Thermo Setting Plastic  MU Thermo Setting Plastic  EXP Thermo Setting Plastic  FLUSH Self Clinching Fastener SCRS Thermo Setting Plastic BLD SERRATED Captive Fastener

They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, depending on your needs there are many manufactures out there which can provide what you are looking for, depending on the hole you are looking to fill and the screws and bolts you are looking to include within your architecture. In order to apply a threaded insert there are a few tools which will be needed in the process. Depending on how you would like to apply the insert you can use a range of different tools such as a heat insert driver and a transducers, these are only recommended if you are looking to apply the inserts on a plastic piece. Press fitting is also another way of applying an insert, although a lot of engineers don’t like this way because it applies pressure on the insert which could leave a negative outcome. If you are looking for another way of applying the insert there are a lot of other hand held tools and stationary tools which can be available to you, there are a range of different ways to apply the Threaded Inserts.

I hope you have found this post useful, if you did then you are more than welcome to leave a comment, get involved with the discussion!